Established 1950s
Origin -
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Product range Medium

Back in the early 1950’s, twin brothers Bob and Bill Meistrell created the first practical wetsuit. Soon after that Body Glove was born. Since its inception, the company has established itself as one of the premier forces in the surf and water-sports industry. Considering this, it may be hard to fathom what exactly inspired them to plunge into this particular market through the introduction of Body Glove tablet cases. But, as they say, "If the glove fits..."

The company dives into the market with 8 choices of Body Glove tablet cases. Consisting of tablet cases with handles , tablet protectors and tablet sleeves , these products are priced $30-$45 to target the low to mid-range consumer. While they reflect simple design, they do communicate the company's focus on the more practical approach of manufacturing well constructed products that are highly functional.

Body Glove built its reputation by distributing a product that keeps divers and surfers dry and protects them from the impact of violent waves and sharp coral. So surely the brand may know something about also keeping our valuable electronic gadgets safe which should incite many tablet owners to buy Body Glove tablet cases. Ultimately, we envision Body Glove being able to keep its head above water while swimming with some of the market’s bigger sharks.


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