Established 2006
Origin CHINA
Link -
Product range Large

Shenzhen Tian Tian Weibang Precise Electronics Co. Ltd, a large Chinese manufacturer that has been operating since 2006, is the designer and developer of this particular brand of accessories. With a reputation for quickly responding to current trends in the electronic market and providing superior customer service, BoHobo specializes in developing protective solutions for the newest and most popular mobile and video gaming devices.

The collection of BoHobo cases is large and contains a variety of styles for many of today’s top-selling tablet PC brands. From basic tablet protectors and tablet stands, to book tablet cases, tablet keyboard cases, and tablet cases with handles, BoHobo is capable of meeting many of the consumer demands for functionality and usability. In addition to the numerous selections of styles, the accessories are offered in a wide-assortment of colors and designs that will accommodate many different personal tastes.

Although BoHobo does not openly disclose the cost of their products, we presume that their prices will not leave you penniless and a homeless vagabond. Hobos are workers who wander, and so it is only appropriate that this brand shall inspire many owners of the hottest mobile devices to buy BoHobo tablet cases.


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