Established 1999
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Product range Small

This Tokyo, Japan-based company has been a manufacturer and distributor of audio supplies since 1999. Given their primary mission and motivation for establishment, they are another shining example of a company who is jumping on a popular bandwagon by tuning into the tablet case industry with its own line of Brighton Net iPad cases.

This company begins its campaign with the introduction of 2 Brighton Net iPad cases . On the surface, these tablet protectors pitch a tone of simplicity with regard to design and incorporated materials. With products that represent basic function for an affordable price, Brighton Net appears clearly focused on delivering cases to occupy the lower-end spectrum of this particular market.

For those who live outside of Japan and/or do not speak the language may experience difficulties in trying to buy Brighton Net tablet cases direct from the company. But thankfully we are here to make their products more readily accessible to those of you who feel inspired to purchase one.


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