Established 2006
Origin ITALY
Link Website
Product range Small

Carmina Campus is an Italian fashion brand founded in 2006 by Ilaria Venturini Fendi, one of five sisters of the renowned Roman fashion dynasty Fendi. The brand is focusing on creating jewels, handbags and furniture utilizing reused materials. The unique nature of materials and the premium handmade craftsmanship makes Carmina Campus cases and merchandise truly unique. Each product features individual tag sporting detailed information about the materials used and the time it took to produce it.

The company makes a diverse specter of fashion handbags that can all fit tablet PCs, but there are also tablet sleeves and tablet folio cases designed specifically for Apple devices. Considering the one-of-a-kind nature of each product it’s very difficult to name them all, the best solution is to search for Carmina Campus tablet cases through a variety of online fashion stores. Prices for their products range from $100 to $800 and more depending on the material and design.

While it might be difficult to buy Carmina Campus tablet cases in a retail outlet, it’s more convenient to search for their products online. With the premium handmade nature each case offers, buyers are sure to receive a truly unique accessory for their precious tablets.


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