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The Southern United States is regarded as being home to some of the most friendly and laid-back people within the nation. It should come as no surprise then that this Georgia-based company claims, "We're about happiness by design and everything we do is designed to make people happy." Since 2006, Case-Mate has been a persistently growing company in the electronic device accessories industry, and although they may be friendly, they have indeed proven to be anything but laid-back.

With approximately 20 different types of Case-Mate cases, the company offers one of the most extensive collections in the current market. Their products range in a variety of designs and styles that acknowledge the foremost consumer demands of function and value. And the prices ($15-90USD) will also serve to convey this company's focus on accommodating an assortment of personal budgets.

Case-Mate has a proven track record of quick response and adaptability in the constantly evolving and growing electronic mobile-device industry. Although their already strong line of options for this particular market can be anticipated to expand, what they currently do offer shall prompt those who buy Case-Mate tablet cases to feel happy about their investment.


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