Established 2006
Origin UTAH, USA
Link Website
Product range Medium

ColcaSac is one of those brands that can convert tablet sleeve doubters into believers. ColcaSac cases are fresh, hip and the polar opposite of anything mass produced. The company is located in Salt Lake City Utah, perhaps situated at the end of a cul-de-sac. The ColcaSac team of artisans incorporate smart, biodegradable materials that are extra durable and provide the right amount of protection for the popular devices they are designed to serve.

The current collection of ColcaSac tablet cases consists of 6 different sleeve designs for the iPads (or 10” tablet), and 5 for the Kindle (or 7” tablet). These solutions range in price from $30 to $60. Exterior materials vary, but consistent on all designs is a plush 100% polyester fleece lining, Velcro flap closure, and small pocket on the front. Our favorite design is the “Juan Valdez”, made of a recycled jute coffee bag that still projects a subtle coffee bean scent… (sniff) ahhh!

Those who buy ColcaSac tablet cases are sure to catch some admiring glances at the coffee shop, school campus, or just walking about. In the long-run, these durable handmade cases will prove better for the user, the fitted device, and the environment.


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