Established 1983
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Based in Houston Texas, ClamCase creates a unique, high functioning accessory for the Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3, which includes a sea of features underneath its polycarbonate hard shell. It is such an innovative product that many other brands look to copy it, motivating us to create a whole clam cases category for listing these types of tablet cases.

ClamCase cases ($149 each) incorporate a full QWERTY keyboard with 14 keys dedicated to your device’s functions in order to unlock its complete potential. Unlike many other keyboard cases, the ClamCase is designed with a 360° hinge so the keyboard can be folded back out of sight for watching a movie on your device. Inspired by Star Wars, "The Trooper" is a limited edition model with ergonomic rubber feet for even more stable support on a desk and/or tabletop.

ClamCase tablet cases reviews are mostly positive, the only complaints being a lack of communication with the customer and a delay in sending out orders. But we still think that a sharp-looking accessory that enhances device protection and improves the user’s experience is something well worth remaining patient for.


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