Established 1995
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Product range Small

This Australia-based company is a designer and developer of bags and cases for a wide variety of electronic hardware and devices. Crumpler tells a rather complex story about what inspired and ultimately led to their establishment in 1995. Albeit long-winded and overwhelming, such a story expresses this company’s passion toward their specific industry, as well as the confidence they have in the products they manufacture.

At this time there is only one Crumpler iPad case available, but their collection should be expected to expand given that they have developed over 100 computer cases and tablet bags for other use with a variety of other items. The simple style of this lone product may prevent it from standing out within their wide-ranging line of products. But its material and form-design will reveal this company’s dedication toward manufacturing products that will protect your belongings.

Contrary to what their name might suggest, Crumpler is not motivated to crush your valuable gadgets. Considering that the company is surrounded by some of the most unforgiving environmental conditions on this planet, consumers should be confident to buy Crumpler tablet cases knowing their demands for protection will be met.


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