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Seemingly an unusual name for a firm based in Germany, this company actually drew inspiration from Karl Marx and his first anonymously published book titled, Das Cool Bananas. But contrary to the book’s underlying message, this company was established to design imaginative and innovative products for efficient use with computers and hand-held devices.

The company has developed a collection of over a dozen different Cool Bananas tablet cases. This line consists of tablet bags , book cases, tablet sleeves , tablet protectors and envelope tablet cases in an assortment of styles and materials. These products will not only appeal to those concerned with function, but should also attract the fashion-conscious individual. And the ranging prices (€17-€50) shall suggest that this company is focused on accommodating a wide variety of consumer budgets.

By peeling off the layers, it can be realized that Cool Bananas is a hip company. The accessories they develop are seemingly just as smart as the popular electronic devices that inspire their creation. Though not widely known or recognized, Karl Marx once pondered...How can we protect tablet computers? And his eventual conclusion...Buy Cool Bananas tablet cases.


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