Established 2002
Product range Small

No, this is not a brand that sells used tires taken from classic British automobiles. But if you have some, surely Heather English will gladly take them off your hands. Based in Boulder Colorado, Heather repurposes inner tubes collected from local truck stops to create a unique line of eco-chic handbags and English Retreads cases. She came up with the idea in 2001, and a year later, English Retreads hit the road running.

To this point the brand has created one English Retreads iPad case, a tablet sleeve ($49) for any iPad or 10” device. The design consists of a water-resistant rubber exterior and padded PET lining. There are a couple other items to consider. The “Blentley Luxe” ($148) is a shoulder bag for men that can hold any sized tablet. The “Coupe Luxe” ($58) shoulder bag can hold any 7” device, and its chic design makes for an appealing tablet case for ladies.

We don’t see a lot of choices here, but what we do see looks cool. We also like the reasonable prices for distinctive design and handmade quality. Those who buy English Retreads tablet cases will certainly be hitting the urban streets in style.


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