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Esoterism is, "a creation of desire, not a creation of need". The Taiwanese company combines top-notch materials and careful construction to create high-quality peripherals and accessories, including Esoterism cases for popular electronic devices. In many ways, the brand can be compared to a premiere haute-couture fashion label. All the products Esoterism makes are designed and priced with a certain privileged class target audience in mind.

The company currently offers two different back protector designs, both compatible with the iPad 2, New iPad 3/4 and the Apple Smart Cover. The Wrap-2 ($99) is a carbon fiber design with a traditional cut and shape. The Moat-2 (4.0/5 editor’s rating) is an anodized aluminum frame and includes a carbon fiber plate that adheres to the back of the tablet. This unique case design is made more special by its built-in dual-purpose handle feature. If the general price of $189 or $219 doesn’t make your jaw drop, then consider the “Enchanted” model for $1,499, which contains 3000 Swarovski Element crystals.

Esoterism products are modest in appearance, but not in price. With regard to the Moat-2, our esoteric belief is that Esoterism has built the highest quality hard back protector available on the market today. Though it targets a specific class of iPad-users, this is an excellent product that might just well be worth it to buy Esoterism tablet cases.


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