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GripSense is an American company behind a unique tablet rugged case of the same name. Established in 2012 with the sole purpose of manufacturing and marketing the case, the company provides an easy tool to increase the level of comfort for tablet users, while maintaining ultimate control over the device. The manufacturer was founded by an award winning industrial designer, Michael Burridge. He himself had the problem of tired and cramped hands after using an iPad over a longer period of time, and decided to make a solution by developing GripSense cases.

Currently there’s only one tablet rugged case in the company’s product line – the GripSense itself. However, it comes in two options: with a Snap-On Cover ($70), and without ($50). The Cover increases the level of protection the case offers, by shielding its screen from scratches and dents. The case itself provides an ergonomic grip on both sides of the tablet, and simultaneously safeguards the device from bumps and bruises thanks to the highly durable TPU material. The case is compatible with the iPad 2 and up.

Ever felt your hands and fingers cramped after an hour or so with an iPad? There’s a solution now: buy GripSense tablet cases. This tablet rugged case combines enhanced grippability and comfort with decent level of impact protection, and pleasing, aesthetic design.


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