Established 2013
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DROP is a Taiwanese manufacturer of stylish and functional tablet and smartphone accessories established in 2013. The company strives to produce high-quality items, each delivering a unique style to its owner. Their current product line includes several accessories for smartphones, a single DROP tablet case, and a braided bracelet.

The choices for those who want to buy DROP tablet cases are not that great at the moment: there’s only one case available. The DBlack is a tablet sleeve made from genuine leather to accommodate the iPad Air. The case delivers minimalist design and decent protection thanks to durable leather construction. It’s priced at $150 making it perfect for business application and casual use at the same time.

DROP only offers a single tablet case currently, but the company is planning to expand their line with more products for tablet devices. Their aim to serve a wide range of customers is supported by combining unique, stylish designs with the highest quality of their products.


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