Established 2011
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iTab_Grip was established to create products that will increase the mobility and productivity of the Apple iPad . This Australian company rejects the idea of developing accessories that cater to the desk jockey or those who never use their device away from a confined workspace. Rather, iTab_Grip is all about satisfying the power users who engage with their device while on the move in and/or outside the workplace.

The company currently offers two iTab_Grip iPad cases, one for each version of the Apple iPad. The tablet protector is uniquely designed to include a ring that fits onto the user’s finger in order to secure the device in the palm of their hand. The tablet case with a handle (or should we say ‘finger case’) incorporates a rotating hub for portrait and landscape formats, as well as an attachable stand for typing purposes. Priced at $50, the iTab_Grip is an affordable mid-cost choice for any mobile professional.

Considering their quality and unique design we highly recommend that you take a look this company’s products. We encourage you to buy iTab_Grip tablet cases and, for lack of a better term, give your device the finger (honestly, we tried to refrain from saying this, but just couldn't help ourselves).


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