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Founded in 1905, J.W. Hulme started as a producer of canvas awnings, and not long afterward, began developing large heavy-duty canvas tents as part of the war efforts. Following the World Wars, this Minnesota-based company redirected its focus on creating canvas and leather bags for sporting hunters. Although JW Hulme has changed ownership multiple times over in the past century, they have grown to become a world-renowned, premier designer and manufacturer of luxurious handbags, luggage and sporting bags. The company currently offers 4 different styles of JW Hulme iPad cases , which include business tablet cases , folding cases , tablet stand cases and smart covers . Available in a variety of designs, their incorporated genuine leather projects elegance and sophistication. So it is only appropriate that these luxury tablet cases are priced from $150-380 USD to target the high-end consumer.

JW Hulme possesses a strong commitment toward promoting extravagance, which can be realized in all of their products that represent luxury and superior quality. Those of you with the financial strength should not hesitate to buy JW Hulme tablet cases, as you will inevitably stand out in the boardroom and be the envy of all your fellow business colleagues.


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