Established 2006
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Product range Large

Founded in 2006, this small company out of Bellevue Washington was established as a provider of PDA accessories that reflect their motto, "where innovation is realized." With less than 10 employees, JAVOedge strives to deliver a wide-variety of high quality, innovative and well-designed products. And the company backs all of its products with a strong commitment to customer-service, so customers will not be left behind hanging over the edge.

The company currently provides a large selection of JAVOedge tablet cases to choose from. Consisting of many tablet cases for women , with designs that resemble grandma's blouse and/or furniture, it appears the company has already identified a specific target audience to buy JAVOedge tablet cases. Still, they do offer some conservative and unisex styled accessories, but more importantly the company prices its products ($20-50USD) to maintain affordability.

At this stage of the tablet case boom, JAVOedge possess one of the largest collections being offered by a single company. We are pretty certain that within their vast selection of accessories, you will locate a case that fits your personality and budget.


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