Established 2007
Origin USA
Link Website  
Product range Medium

Jill-e is an American luggage apparel company, founded in 2007. The brand is best known for its stylish and versatile photo camera bags, but now the company’s products include laptop bags, messenger bags, valises, travel bags, satchels, day bags, Jill-e tablet cases, and many more accessories designed to simplify and enrich fast-paced lives of modern technology-savvy individuals. The items are divided into three collections: Classic, Jack, and E-GO, each made to address specific needs and styles.

Both men and women can buy Jill-e tablet cases, which are presented in the following styles: tablet messenger bags, tablet sleeves, tablet bags with shoulder straps, and tablet bags with handles. Naturally, satchels and day bags are also big enough to accommodate tablet devices. The cases are compatible with all Apple device models and a wide range of similarly sized devices. The tablet case prices range from $30 to $260.

With lots of styles and designs to choose from, any tablet owner can find the right case for its beloved device at Jill-e. The company puts emphasis on protection and functionality of their cases, but fashionable looks also play an important part during the design process.


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