Established 2010
Origin SPAIN
Link Website
Product range Small

Customization, design and quality are the core values of Lacambra. Using genuine leather, this Spanish brand creates expertly crafted handmade Lacambra cases, bags, backpacks, and briefcases, allowing consumers to choose color combinations and for a small additional charge, custom engravings.

Lacambra cases are primarily styled as tablet sleeves, each handmade with genuine cowhide leather and priced from $80-$220. The designs feature interior slots and pockets for storing business cards, pens, a power cable, connector charger, etc. These luxury tablet cases also transform into a tablet stand for typing and/or viewing, and can even accept those devices that are already fitted with the smart covers.

This company may target high-end consumer to buy Lacambra tablet cases, but their design and quality will rival the more expensive accessories produced by premier fashion houses. And in most instances, Lacambra cases also provide a lot more function than designer brand cases. If you are considering a luxury brand tablet case, you may first want to check out what this particular company has to offer...They just might impress even more!


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