Established 1948
Origin OHIO, USA
Link Website
Product range Large

Founded in the United States back in 1848, a hardware store, which later became Hammacher Schlemmer, was the only shop specializing in hard-to-find items. Over the years the company grew into a global brand offering virtually anything the customer desires. The manufacturer’s goods include clothing, electronics, home and outdoor living goods, toys, personal care products, sport and leisure apparel, and much more. The company always pays great attention to the innovation process and when tablet PCs made it into our lives, they’ve started producing Hammacher Schlemmer cases of the same high quality the brand is renowned for.

It’s extremely easy to find and buy Hammacher Schlemmer tablet cases for every situation in life. Their products range from simple tablet back protectors and sleeves to sophisticated tablet charging docks and tablet wall mounts. Also popular are the durable and functional tablet folio cases and tablet keyboard cases. The accessories are compatible with all Apple tablets and a wide range of other devices currently available on the market. The price range is, naturally, extremely wide and goes from $40 to a whopping $6,300 for a unique Submarine Camcorder.

Hammacher Schlemmer has everything anyone can want. Literally. The company’s tablet cases span a wealth of styles and designs and offer tablet owners many ways to protect, use, and enjoy their technological wonders.


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