Established 2012
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Large

Founder Jamey Bennett conceived this company’s flagship product, the LightWedge Original, when he was a student in high school. Upon establishing LightWedge LLC in 2002, he and his team have continued to move forward, led by a commitment to become an industry leader in designing and manufacturing reading accessories such as, lights, magnifiers and e-reader accessories.

In addition to complimenting Kindles, Nook and Kobo e-readers, LightWedge tablet cases vary in size to also accommodate some other compact devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry Playbook. They offer a selection of zippered tablet cases, tablet sleeves, tablet folding cases, and tablet covers priced from $40 to $70. There are designs that resemble an antique book by a great master, some classic black & white photographs, as well as more traditional, professional-looking styles.

LightWedge’s innovative flagship product will light up an entire book page. And their accessories for this particular market have a brilliant, unique aesthetic to light up the face of those who choose to buy LightWedge tablet cases. Step into the light and check out what this company has to offer.


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