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Helium Digital is a Canadian company that specializes in marketing trendy accessories that will enhance the image and usability of electronic devices. The company recognizes and attempts to satisfy four main components in the products they offer - style, differentiation, functionality and value.

The company currently offers just one Helium Digital cover, a basic tablet screen protector for the Apple iPad 2 . While this product is clearly not developed to add style to your device, it is primarily designed as a low cost option to offer protection against scratches and abrasions. Yet its not low cost enough to provide good value, as the price of their lone product ($20) is double that of similar products on the market.

Unfortunately, in terms of tablet cases, tablet PC owners may perceive this company to be full of hot air since what they strive to offer consumers, and what they currently do offer, are two separate things (perhaps this is what they meant by 'differentiation'). Still, if you are an iPad 2 owner in the hunt for simple screen protection, then you may feel obliged to buy Helium Digital tablet cases.


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