Established 2010
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Logiix understands the difficulty in guaranteeing high quality without incorporating an excessive price tag (contrary to the quick claims of most companies, this is certainly a refreshingly honest approach). Realizing their limitations in order to provide a product that maintains affordability, Logixx still aims to create well-crafted and carefully designed accessories. The company ultimately strives to offer products that "work, look good and carry a fair price."

The company has developed and currently markets over a dozen different models of tablet cases. These products reflect a business tablet case design, which will infer that Logiix primarily targets business professionals. Although the price range ($25-50) will certainly place this company's accessories in the low to mid-level section of the market, their incorporated quality materials and functional design will suggest that their overall performance can match high-end products.

Logiix's approach toward product development clearly shows a compassion for the consumer. The conservative designs of their accessories may suggest that the company has already located a specific target audience to buy Logiix tablet cases. But no matter your lifestyle or personality, this company has shown they are capable of satisfying anyone who seeks a quality functional product for an affordable price.


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