Established 1997
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Large


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In case you did not know, this company has been driven by a relentless commitment to design and develop carrying solutions for electronic hardware and devices since 1997. Incase recognizes the fact that technological gadgets are an essential part of our modern lives. This motivates them to create products that protect our valuable devices, with designs meant to satisfy our many interests, professions and passions.

The company has developed a vast line of products, which includes approximately 20 different models of Incase tablet cases. With collections by premier fashion designers, as well as their artist-inspired series, this company seeks to attract the fashion-conscious and trendy consumers with tablet designer cases. Other cases of more traditional design and varying tablet case materials shall serve to satisfy those who are primarily concerned with functionality and protection.

Considering that Incase cases are some of the few that can accommodate nearly every concern for affordability, function, quality, and style, we hope that they will soon develop more options to serve all brands of tablet computers. For now, only iPad owners are the most fortunate individuals who are given the opportunity to buy Incase tablet cases.

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