Established 2010
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With their sharp understanding of product features and customer needs, Maroo is all about shedding the preconceived ideas of manufacturing and design. Based in Vancouver Washington, the company strives to create products that are more than just current, but strongly appealing in terms of design and function. Ultimately, Maroo delivers accessories that will address the desires of the growing mobile culture.

The company currently offers a large selection of Maroo cases, which are available in wide-assortment of pattern designs to suit a variety of personal tastes. Mainly consisting of book cases and folios , each accessory incorporates the unique Bumper chassis system to provide reliable protection. While most are priced $20-$45 to attract low to mid-range consumers, the company also introduces a line by fashion designer Seth Aaron, which are priced $149 for those who lead a high-end lifestyle.

Maroo is driven by a disdain for anything that is too flashy or over-the-top, and creates products for self-confident individuals who feel they do not need to follow trends because they set them. We are confident that many fashionable and stylish individuals will be attracted to buy Maroo tablet cases.


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