Established 2005
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Developed in 2005, Invisible Shield is a patented protective film that eventually inspired the launch of ZAGG Inc, a large provider of hand-held device accessories. This product was originally designed to protect the inventor’s watch. As the flagship product and customized property of its large parent company, Invisible Shield was able to transcend into to the mobile electronics industry.

ZAGG Inc currently offers just one Invisible Shield screen protector available for a large variety of tablet PCs. This basic screen protector offers 'self-healing' technology that allows devices to become immune to scratches and abrasions, as well as reduce the appearance of fingerprints and smudging. Priced at $40USD, the company believes its product can compete against other mid-range tablet cases.

Though they offer a similar accessory as one of their competitors, Invisible Shield can clearly still be considered innovative. ZAGG claims that their product's incorporated materials were originally designed to protect military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. But if you buy Invisible Shield screen protectors, we highly recommend that you stay clear of moving helicopter blades while toting your device.


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