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Since 2004, the UK-based Knomo has been designing and developing briefcases, handbags and travel bags for compatible use with technology items. Combing the words 'knowledge' and 'mobility' to form their name (k-no-mo), the company is dedicated to create products that not only hold your valuable gadgets safely inside, but also allow you to receive admiring glances while carrying them. But say no-mo', let’s get down to the nitty-gritty...

Separated into collection for men and women, the company boasts a comprehensive line of products that includes several models of Knomo iPad cases . The Silvi handbag (£129) and Bungo messenger bag (£100) are the most popular cases due to their sophisticated design. These two tablet cases serve to reflect the company’s commitment to target the conservative-casual and trendy urbanites who seek high-end quality. Their other accessories are lower priced (£40) basic folding cases and tablet sleeves , which convey the company's interest to also accommodate those with more restricted budgets.

Knomo cases reviews will confirm the company’s capability to deliver products of fine quality that are hip, multi-functional and tastefully designed. While iPad owners will be impressed with what this company's collection, owners of other tablet computer brands will not be shouting "kno-mo'!" but rather begging, "sho-me-mo'!"


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