Established 2011
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Kudo (formerly LilyPad) is a brand of Wireless NRG LLC, a company that was established to primarily focus on designing and producing renewable energy source solutions for electronic mobile devices. With the motto, seeing possibilities in a new light, this Miami-based company is funded through Kickstarter to design and develop protective Kudo Cases that convert light into energy for the Apple iPad.

There is currently one KudoCase on the market, a solar powered tablet case priced at $199.95. This accessory is designed as a tablet folio case with a primary function of charging your device when in direct contact with sunlight. It also includes a long list of extra features including the use of iPad in typing and viewing positions. The company also offers a tablet messenger bag called KudoMate. It's designed for the KudoCase and provide a see-through pocket that exposes the case's solar panel to the sun.

Wireless NRG goes beyond making products that use renewable energy. In addition to recycled materials, they are committed to using organic solar panels, all in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint. Similar to sunlight, we envision those who seek the ultimate in innovation will be drawn to this company’s products and inevitably buy Kudo tablet cases.


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