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Beginning with the manufacturing of carbon-filament lamps in 1891, the foundational-framework for Philips was established. Stimulated by the industrial revolution, the Netherlands-based Philips research laboratory started to create the first innovations in x-ray and radio technologies. Over the years, their inventions have expanded to include many breakthroughs, which have ultimately enriched the everyday lives of people around the world.

With a world-renown reputation for innovative lighting concepts, Philips has the bright idea to enter the tablet case market. They currently offer over 10 Philips tablet cases for Apple iPad and Kindle 3 , which consist of tablet skins , envelope cases , tablet sleeves , folding cases , and a shoulder case . With a price-range of $15-40USD, these accessories are solid choices for low-end consumers who seek basic functional performance.

As a diversified company and worldwide leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, Philips is making great strides in this particular market, which may lead owners of other tablet brands demanding their needs be met as well. With their brand promise, "sense and simplicity" this company is certainly focused on providing affordable accessories that represent simplicity, we just hope that consumers will have enough sense to buy Philips tablet cases.


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