Established 2011
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An American manufacturer of high-quality accessories for Apple electronic gadgets, Luma13, was founded in 2011. Their product portfolio might be small, but each and every item is designed to provide gadgets with decent protection, without ruining the stunning original design of the Cupertino technological wonders. The company produces cases for iPhones and Luma13 tablet cases.

Owners of the original iPad and the iPad Mini are welcome to buy Luma13 cases. Tablet owners can choose between the following styles: tablet screen protectors, tablet skins and tablet smart cover. There are also a couple of interesting items for tablets: SmartSnap โ€“ a secure magnetic strip which enhances the bond between the tablet and the Smart Cover, and SmartGrips โ€“ four small buttons to lift up the tablet above flat surfaces. The prices range from $4 to $24.

High-quality materials, and functional design are the factors behind the growing popularity of Luma13 tablet cases. The company strives to understand the needs of tablet owners and create products, which will not only enhance the way devices are used, but also ensure that the beautiful design of Apple devices stays untouched.


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