Established 2010
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Poketo is an American company founded in 2003 as a creative enterprise supplying limited-edition vinyl artist wallets. Over the years the enterprise has grown to represent a wide selection of local and international artists, and opened its first brick-and-mortar gallery/store in 2012. The company has been commissioned by renowned brands including Nike, Weezer, Arcade Fire and others to create exclusive lines. In 2010 the manufacturer has overseen production of a 52-piece collection of laptop cases, water bottles, umbrellas, wallets and Poketo tablet cases commissioned by Target.

The company’s product line now consists of several items for those who wish to buy Poketo tablet cases. These include Envelope iPad Case ($24) – an attractive tablet envelope case, Simon Tote ($54) – a spacious tablet bag, and Three Dots iPad Case ($24) – a tablet envelope case with innovative closure system. The cases are compatible with all generations of Apple tablets and can also fit a range of other similarly sized devices.

Poketo’s mission is to transform art into an integral part of everyday lives for a wide base of clients. However, their tablet cases are not only about great looks – they deliver decent levels of protection for the devices inside and provide users with versatile functionality. The company is promoting works of art by top international artists, transforming stunning art objects into functional tablet cases.


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