Established 2010
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Pong is an environmental health, safety, and wellness company that provides science-based case solutions to protect users of mobile devices from unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic-radiation (Jeesh! That’s some thought provoking stuff!). The company was founded by a team of international scientists with expertise in the fields of plasma physics, environmental science, electrical engineering, antenna design, and health sciences. (Okay, so maybe these guys might be on to something...)

Pong cases are available in two different models: a tablet sleeves for the iPad ($79.99), and a smart cover for the iPad 2 ($99.99) & iPad 3 ($119.99), which attaches just like the Apple Smart Cover, but folds in more unique ways. As for function, here is where it gets serious...In order to reduce radiation levels, all 3G iPads have a built-in proximity sensor that significantly reduces transmission power by up to 75% when the device is moved to within 10mm of the body. The sensor is also triggered by commercial cases, but Pong's unique designs ensure that the antenna is exposed at all times in order to keep transmission power fully optimized and the user safe from radiation exposure.

When you spotted this company’s name you we’re probably looking forward to a review about the world’s first commercial video game. (And after all that serious information, you are probably wishing we did.) Anyway, if what we have described above has put the fear of God into you, then you may want to make a rush to buy Pong tablet cases.


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