Established 2005
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Product range Medium

In 2005, the roots for LuxMobile Group began in Rochester NY with the development of Crystal Icing, the first company to incorporate luxury brand Swarovski Crystals on mobile accessories (interesting thought - if you are any bit familiar with the city then you know Rochester combined with luxury is quite the oxymoron). The company became the first to form partnerships with fashion brands and designers in order translate fashion to the mobile accessories industry, which ultimately inspired the formation of the LuxMobile Group.

The company has developed a good range of LuxMobile tablet cases. Their custom-designed High Fashion, Artist and Hollywood series incorporate a variety of colors and pattern designs. These accessories are book tablet cases , priced at $30-50 to target those who seek seek luxurious style without paying a high-end price.

Considering what LuxMobile Group has developed for other electronic media gadgets, we hope their line of accessories for the tablet case market will expand to match their prior accomplishments. This company is all about making your device look glamorous, and so the paparazzi will be waiting to pounce on those who buy LuxMobile tablet cases.


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