Established 2011
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Sourced is a family-owned business that sources discarded truck tarps and repurpose them into durable messenger bags, shoulder totes, shopping bags, and Sourced cases (We take back what was said about Swiss-brand Frietag being the only source of truck-tarpaulin carrying solutions). The company launched in 2011, and is based in Cornwall UK, where all brand products are handmade on-site and/or outsourced to local contractors.

Like all brand products, no two Sourced tablet cases are ever the same. The brand currently boasts a line of 19 individually patterned tablet sleeves for the iPad2/iPad3 ($40 each). All designs feature black felt lining and Velcro tab closure. The recycled tarp exterior may already show signs of wear, but rest assured, snug-fitted devices will be well protected against standard issue everyday wear and tear. The brand messenger bags and totes ($50-$80) are spacious enough to welcome Sourced iPad case sleeves.

Sourced is one great source for durable and cool-looking tablet sleeves and messenger bags. Sourced and Frietag may be having a go-round over loose truck-tarpaulin scraps, but the benefit is plenty of durable accessories to go around. Lower prices are the main source of attraction to buy Sourced tablet cases over the other competing brand designs.


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