Allview City Life


Operating System Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Dimension (in) 4.8 x .31 x 7.6
Weight (lb) 0.63
Screen (in) 7
Resolution (px) 600 x 1024
Touchscreen TFT Capacitive

Bluetooth v3.0; Wi-Fi connectivity; Optional 3G prin modem; Front-camera; HDMI port; Micro USB; MicroSD

Battery Life 4 hrs

Pricefrom $79.00

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Allview City Life is one really portable and lightweight tablet. With a thickness of just 7.9 mm, the City Life fits easily into your bag so it can stay always with you.

As far as hardware goes, the tablet offers a TFT LCD display, a capacitive multitouch screen with a 7 inch diagonal and 800 x 480 pixel resolution. The same screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio and as far as the OS goes, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is the name of the game.

The tablet has a dual core Cortex A9 1.5 GHz and 1GB of RAM, which enables applications to run at an optimal level and even conduct multitask. With 400 graphics chipset, the tablet promises a smooth experience in gaming. Also, users can read books in different formats E-book and can watch movies and videos, including Full HD. In addition, the tablet can be connected to the TV via an HDMI port.

With the winter holidays approaching, I think this tablet can really be a very appropriate gift, especially for young children! Performance, quality, elegance, accessibility and low price! This is a perfect combination!

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