Established 1991
Origin USA
Link Website 
Product range Small

For over 20 years, Vantage Point is the place that many have gone to for mounting solutions and expertise in creating the perfect home entertainment theater system. The company has also developed the Vantage Point University, or “Mount U”, an in depth online-resource center that gives consumers all the valuable information they need to find the perfect mount and how to install it.

As you may have probably guessed by now, Vantage Point cases are actually wall mounts and tablet stands. These accessories can position and move your device in a variety of ways, including flat, swing, pan and 360° rotation. Vantage Point mounting solutions come in three different types to choose from. The "Basic" ($60-$100) allows you to easily pop your device in/out, "Slide" ($20-$100) allows you to slide the device on/off the wall mount, and "Alloy" ($75-$150) is an all-metal build for maximum strength and protection. The brand also offers the BeanPad ($60/$80), a clever tablet stand that is designed like a bean bag chair and can position your device at nearly any comfortable angle for typing and viewing pleasure.

If you are in the market for increasing your device’s usability around the home and/or office environment, we recommend checking out the “Mount U” online resource for helpful information and further inspiration to buy Vantage Point tablet cases.


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