Established 1959
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Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, better known as Valentino, is the founder of this world-renown Italian fashion label. In 1959, he opened his namesake fashion house in Rome, and in 1962, Valentino’s international debut took place in Florence. By the mid 60’s he was already considered the undisputed maestro of Italian Couture. Valentino officially retired in 2008, but his label and reputation for luxury brand fashions still lives strong.

This fashion house currently offers four different Valentino iPad cases. There are two tablet sleeves for the iPad ($325) and the iPad 2 ($440), both made of genuine black Italian leather with embedded gold studs, presenting like a spiked dog collar. There are also two tablet folding cases, one made of brown leather ($235), and the other, a brown abstract pattern Jacquard ($220). The later is designed with an interior slot for functioning like a tablet portfolio case.

Those who cannot afford to buy Valentino tablet cases should be able to locate some cheaper knock-offs in order to quench a thirst for designer tablet case style. If you are a lucky individual who has achieved fame and fortune, then of course you don’t want settle for the rest, you’ll want reach for the best!


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