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Unicase operates as a subsidiary of Pegasus Distribution Inc, a large Chinese manufacturer of accessories for electronic products. The Hong Kong company relies upon an experienced management team as their backbone in developing innovative designs and ultimately deliver high-quality Unicase cases that provide consumers with what they truly desire.

The company offers a moderate-sized collection of Unicase tablet cases for some of the most popular current tablet brands - Apple iPad & iPad 2 , Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom . With prices ($25-$35) to target low-end consumers, this collection includes a few tablet sleeves , but most are styled as folding tablet cases . They do offer one tablet keyboard case for the iPad, which at $70 is a great value considering other similarly styled cases are typically priced to occupy the higher end of the market.

With a majority of their accessories designed as business-style , it appears that Unicase acknowledges the business professionals as their target audience of choice. Separate from the conservative design that may or may not truly reflect your unique personality, if you seek a product that will perform well for an affordable low-cost, then you may definitely feel inspired to buy Unicase tablet cases.


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