Established 2008
Link Website
Product range Medium

Ultra Case was established to create innovative, quality and user-friendly products that maintain an affordable price. This company is focused on incorporating durable materials and designs in order to ultimately create a super-protective and stylish Ultra Case cases for valuable electronic devices.

The company currently offers a moderate-sized selection of Ultra Case tablet cases for the Apple iPad & iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab . They offer a line of folding tablet cases , tablet hard cases , tablet skins , and zipper tablet cases . With a price-range ($17-$60) that targets both low and mid-range consumers, these accessories incorporate an assortment of pattern designs that will appeal to many different lifestyles and personalities, in addition to accommodating a variety of budgets.

Although Ultra Case wants you to "be different", by offering a wide-selection of expressive and unique designs, they are giving you plenty of opportunity to reflect your personality and simply be yourself. This, combined with receiving a functional accessory for an affordable price, should make you jump at the chance to buy Ultra Case tablet cases.


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