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Tenerarca was created as a subsidiary of the renowned American leather goods company Parsk dating back to 2004. The brand Tenerarca was established in 2012, when the company has come up with unique bio-tech UPSKIN. This technology allows the manufacturer to process leathers in a way, which is both environmentally-friendly and beneficial to health. The company focuses on producing accessories for mobile devices including smartphone and Tenerarca tablet cases.

Device owners looking to buy Tenerarca tablet cases, currently have only one line of accessories to choose from: tablet folio cases. The supported devices include the iPad 2-4, and the iPad Mini, however, cases for other tablets are also being developed. All cases are made from genuine leather with the unique UPSKIN technology, and feature magnetic locks as well as convenient integrated stand function. There are several colors to choose from and the prices range from $120 to $150.

Tenerarca tablet cases attract device owners with their luxurious looks and everyday functionality. However, their cases also sport a totally unique feature – the UPSKIN technology, the genuine leather is made under. This tech is both environmentally-friendly and beneficial to user’s health. Tablet owners looking for a classy case with a technological twist, need not search any further.


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