Established 2009
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TapeGear is a team of eco-designers led by South African born furniture designer Ryan Frank. The company was established in 2009 and operates out of studios based in London and Barcelona. Besides a wide range of furniture, the brand also produces a long list of accessories including TapeGear tablet cases. The company strives to combine sustainable materials with the latest innovative principles to create attractive and functional accessories for a variety of purposes.

Owners of a wide range of tablets, including the whole iPad family and Amazon Kindles, can choose to buy TapeGear tablet cases for their devices. The company’s products range is currently limited to simple tablet sleeves, priced $29-32 USD. These cases are made of organic and recycled materials, and there’s also an exclusive line featuring design prints by contemporary artists.

Sustainable materials and simple, functional design is what make TapeGear tablet accessories special. With a wide range of supported devices, the company is catering to a very large audience of tablet owners. Tape Gear tablet accessories not only provide protective solutions, but also allow device owners to express their support for environmentally-friendly practices.


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