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You won’t find Sherpa Carry on Mount Everest, but you’ll soon see their flagship product roaming your local city streets. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, this small, privately owned company has recently introduced Sherpa Carry cases with the serious iPad users in mind who use their tablet for both work and play.

The debut product from the brand is the Sherpa Magnetic ($50; 4.1/5 Editor's Rating) for the iPad 2 and New iPad 3/4. The Water Sherpa ($40) is a similar design, but with more water-resistant wax cotton exterior. Alas, there is the Sherpa Scribe ($60; 4.3/5 Editor's Rating) keyboard case. All current Sherpa iPad cases are based on the original folio case-style design with shoulder strap. The company has also begun making these same designs (with or w/o shoulder strap) for the iPad Mini.

Thrill-seeking adventurists who want to trek the Himalayas would be wise to hire a Sherpa to help guide their expedition. The same goes half-way around the other side of the world, iPad/iPad 2 owners who want to navigate their device through the hustle and bustle of their daily routine would be wise to buy Sherpa Carry tablet cases.

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