Amazon Kindle


Operating System Linux
Dimension (in) 4.5 x .34 x 6.5
Weight (lb) 0.40
Screen (in) 6
Resolution (px) 600x800
Touchscreen  -

WiFi, USB                                                                       

Battery Life 720 hrs

Pricefrom $69.00

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Amazon has introduced the fourth generation of the most successful eBook reader ever with the Kindle 4. With so many users already swearing by Amazon’s line of devices in this market, the Kindle eBook reader represents some advances by the online company though with a few drawbacks.

After the actual brand name, the main selling point of Kindle eBook readers has always been the convenient size. With the Kindle, size matters even more: Advertising this reader as “pocket-sized,” Amazon dropped 2.5 ounces to give the device a superlight weight of just under six ounces (0.2 kg). The 6” screen remains on this latest model but Amazon took 1” (2.5 cm) from the height and 0.3” (about 0.8 cm) from the width.

The result of this change is evident in the first look at the Kindle: Amazon has done away with the keyboard for this eBook reader. The solution provided for entering text is sure to be dissatisfying for many users, as an on-screen keyboard pops up and characters must be chosen by using the toggle pad on the front of the bezel.

In terms of hardware, the Kindle has been bumped up to an 800 MHz microprocessor. Though Amazon did not outfit this reader with GPS support, WiFi is available and direct links on the homepage will take the user to the Kindle Store, Wikipedia and the web browser.

Above all, however, perhaps it’s the price that will bring yet more into the Kindle fold: The Kindle oes for just $79 with advertising used as screensavers and $109 without ads – a compelling reason to assume Amazon will remain no. 1 in the eBook reader world.

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