Universal cases are those tablet accessories designed not for one specific make or model of device. As such, any tablet case with a universal design may be used with any number of tablets of a certain size or even within a given size range.

Universal cases help fill a vast number of tablet owners’ needs that not all manufacturers reach. While it is true that Apple iPads alone represent a sizable fraction of all tablets out there, hundreds of other brand names exist, almost all with different specs, ports, etc. And once a case is custom-fashioned for one specific tablet, the would-be customer may find that the exclusivity will result in a bump in price; universal cases can often prove to be a cost-efficient solution to owners of more popular tablet brands.

Adding to this advantage, universal tablet cases allow the user to purchase a new device altogether without necessarily having to leave a much-loved accessory behind. With every fresh release in tablets, a custom-designed case for one particular model becomes redundant – even with the notoriously barely noticeable advances in each iPad release, enough tweaks are made to render a previously-bought case redundant.


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