Tablet cases with handles are designed to serve as individual pieces of luggage that need not be carried within another bag or briefcase. Some electronics accessory designers even sell handles for existing tablet case models as separate pieces.

As with many general tablet case styles, cases with handles come in many forms and are produced in a variety of materials. Obviously many travel bags include handles, but today some portfolio cases and even smaller hard cases may have this feature. Many newer designs include handles built into the leather or faux-leather exterior and, like any sort of luggage, will either be comprised of two independent pieces or two handles which may be fastened together to form a single handle.

The advantages to tablet cases with handles are immediately obvious to those who tote their device onto airplanes or while otherwise traveling: As a distinct, lightweight unit, cases with handles can really help cut down on travel preparation time.

In considering tablet cases with handles, the user should look at how the tablet is attached. In leather cases, for example, the hand stitching is obviously crucial and on other bags, sturdy metal rings top the keychain sort found on many such cases. True, the typical user will rarely be toting around so much weight that the handles should give way, but as in any bag, the connection between handles and bag is potentially the weakest bit and thus the most susceptible to everyday wear and tear.


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