Among the very most popular features among those seeking a tablet bag or carrier are case pockets which allow the tablet users to carry electronics accessories, smartphones and even everyday items.

The possibilities in number of pockets or the accessories that may be carried are many, dependent on case style. In messenger bags and various tablet carriers pockets for accessories are basically a must-have, while cases with handles and other carriers should include pockets of various types (including among others the typical fabric, zippered and mesh pockets) for tablet accessories as well. Superior portfolio cases will include multiple pockets of various sizes for documents at least. Some folio cases include just a single pocket for full-sized or even smaller documents, and a few multiple-pocket folios are on the market as well.

Of course, size and quality of the pocket(s) will vary from case to case. Since a majority of pockets are attached to the interior by stitching, this bit of construction must be checked by a prospective owner.


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