Tablet cases with zippers offer users easy access to their devices while providing more durability in fastening than those models with snaps or Velcro. The case’s zipper often runs around three sides of the case and, just like an everyday piece of luggage, may come with two tabs or one to open and close. Some cases also have the zipper on one side only.

The choices available in design among zipper tablet cases are numerous, though of course such locks will not appear in an envelope case or waterproof cases. Tablet cases with zipper locks are most commonly found among the sleeve or portfolio style range.

As in other such zippered bags, these tablet cases will either employ metal or plastic to make up the fastener. Either has its respective advantages and disadvantages, while the strength of the outlying case material will also have an effect on the durability of the zipper. When possible, users should check the stitching affixing the zipper to case/bag.


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