School cases are designed with the student in mind, particularly since use of tablets has become more and more commonplace in academic environments. In general, most tablet cases in this fashion are targeted for high-school and college students, though more and more frequently are cases designed for grade-school aged students as well.

In the range of cases for college students, functionality is particularly crucial. Many school cases include a keyboard for note-taking during lectures, and any decent model – particularly those cases for iPads with the auto sleep/wake function – should include quick access to the tablet. As many high school and college students will carry the tablet frequently as a substitute for a laptop, light weight is also key in the student case. All the necessary functionality must be provided in a trim enough style to fit an average-sized book bag or backpack alongside those old-fashioned textbooks and notebooks.

In terms of styles, folios and book cases are particularly common among student cases, again due to the need for tote-ability. Finally, one other advantage in school tablet cases is noteworthy: These cases are usually low-priced to meet student budgets.


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