Folio cases are the most popular style of tablet cases. Its lightweight, simple to use design and allowance of easy access to the device are the main selling points of folio tablet cases, making it an ideal choice for the user’s first case.

Folio cases feature a horizontal fold which allows the user to open the case like a folder. The front cover may be folded to lie underneath the tablet when in use, and some tablet folio cases offer enough support – or provide a stand – so that the device may be propped upright in either landscape or portrait formats. This case offers decent protection to the tablet & its screen in terms of preventing scratching and smearing. Folio cases are primarily designed for enclosing the device for portage within another bag.

The price range on folio cases is as wide as the materials which may be used within, and quite a few folio-style cases are easily affordable. Typically made with a leather or faux-leather exterior, some folio cases may be constructed of textile materials or even plastic.
This category is featured in our annual Tablet2Cases Golden Case Awards. Check out past winners and nominees for Best Folio Case in 2013.


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