Operating System Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Dimension (in) 4.87 x .29 x 8.26
Weight (lb) 0.69
Screen (in) 8
Resolution (px) 1280 x 800
Touchscreen Capacitive

Front and rear cameras; Wi-Fi/3G/4G connectivity; micro USB, micro SD card ports

Battery Life 8 hrs

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8” actually improves upon its wildly popular 7” version – said to be the second-highest selling tablet of any size – at least as far as tablet-first users are concerned. Why? Samsung has dropped the emphasis on phone functions that make the Galaxy Tab 7” models so attractive as a smart phone/tablet hybrid to produce what may be called its smallest proper tablet.

Aside from the excellent display for which Samsung products are known and admired, most notable about the Galaxy Tab 3 8” is the 1.5 GB of RAM included as standard. Not only is this much space a rarity in general, it’s next to non-existent in the 7” to 9” realm. The 1.5 GHz CPU isn’t overly impressive alone, but the additional RAM keeps things running seamlessly.

Included in the Galaxy Tab 8” package as well are a Micro USB port, micro SD card slot with up to 64 GB in memory possible and two cameras; the rear camera clocks in at 5 MP for some good opportunities for picture-taking. The OS has been upgraded to the most recent (as of this writing) Android 4.2.2; the in-house Samsung “TouchWiz UI” interface has been applied to this, which includes the excellent multi-window feature allowing two apps to run simultaneously.

A dependable brand name, nice lightweight feel, decent technical specs and a brilliant touchscreen – what more do you need? After all, millions of Samsung tablet users can’t be wrong…

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