The New HyperShield Cover Lives Off the Back of iPad 2

  • Sanho HyperShield Back Cover for iPad 2
  • Sanho HyperShield Back smart cover compatible for iPad 2

The Sanho HyperShield Back Cover offers the perfect protection for your iPad 2 back side from scratches, bumps and minor shocks. It’s made from extremely durable Thermoplactic Polyurethane (TPU) and protects the pad thanks to its gel-like absorbing properties.

The HyperShield comes in 10 different colors, matching Apple’s smart cover , which turns the pad on and off, when closed or opened. The case is only 1.44mm thin, adding virtually no weight to the iPad 2. As opposed to silicon or similar materials, TPU is known to retain its shape, build and color even after heavy use, removals and insertions.

The tablet hard case is dust and dirt-proof, and can be washed repeatedly, remaining in perfect condition over a long period of time. Those owners, who have a heightened sense of responsibility for the environment, will be happy to learn that the HyperShield is 100% recyclable.

The case comes with environmentally-friendly $19.95 price.

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